• TRINNITY Buffer tank BW 50L (TRGPWBW050)

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TRINNITY BW buffer tanks are designed for collecting, storing and transferring excess hot heating water or other steel-approved fluids obtained from various heat sources: central heating boilers, solar collectors, heat pumps, etc. Buffer tanks provide protection for the central heating system. - They take over the difference between the thermal power of the boiler and the power given to the heating system. They are made of black steel sheets. Thermal insulation of the buffers is formed by a layer of polystyrene foam with a thickness of 25 mm. The cover of the thermal insulation is a shell made of thin steel sheet covered with powder paint and a lower and upper cover made of ABS plastic. The tanks are pressure devices suitable for vertical operation with a maximum water pressure of 0.3 MPa (3 bar).

Technical data:

    Nominal pressure - 3
    Temperature - 80 °C
    Insulation thickness [mm] - 25mm
    Material - black steel sheet
    Color - white
    without coil

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