• SOLITANK Vertical floor-standing DHW tank/exchanger 170L with coil 3.83m2

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Solitank - Ideal for heat pumps

    The Solitank boiler has 1 heat exchanger and 4 connections connected to the tank body.
    Domestic water is immediately heated from the upper heat exchanger. In the connectors connected to the
    tank, the water can be heated by a heater (heat pump, boiler) and used to supply heating. (see
    figure x)
    Solitank tank can be stored simultaneously in 2 different versions depending on the requirements of the system. It can be
    used as a hot water tank + buffer tank.
    Hot water stored in the tank is used for both heating support and domestic water heating.
    The heat exchanger in the boiler is made of 316L chrome-nickel stainless steel.
    Since the domestic water tank is heated, the development of Legionella and other bacteria does not come into play.
    Multiple heat sources can be integrated into the Solitank boiler.
    Optionally, it can be powered by an electric heater.
    This is the most efficient model that is not a solar heat source.
    It works perfectly with heat pumps.
    Housing for notes and maintenance.

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