• NOARK Switch-disconnector DC Ex9IP 4P 16A (101762)

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Technical data:

    series and type: PV Ex9IP 4P 16A 1000V DC photovoltaic isolating disconnector 101762 NOARK.
    made in accordance with: IEC / EN 6097-3
    rated voltage: 1000V DC
    rated current: 16 A
    number of poles: 4
    category of use: DC-22B
    rated insulation voltage Ui: 1000 V
    rated withstand surge voltage Uimp: 6 kV
    rated short-lasting withstand current Icw, 1s: 12 x Ie
    rated short-circuit current Icm (peak value): 20 x Ie
    mechanical life: 20 000 connections
    electrical life: 2,000 switchings

It can be used as the main disconnector in PV photovoltaic installations as well as in standard DC electrical installations. Ex9IP disconnectors are offered in current ratings up to 63 A and voltage ratings up to 1000 V DC.
The apparatuses can be combined with a wide range of accessories: auxiliary contacts, auxiliary trip contacts, rise, undervoltage and overvoltage triggers, e.g. an undervoltage trip can be used to safely disconnect panels from the rest of the installation.