• HUAWEI Back Up Box B1 - for the M1 inverter series

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Huawei Backup Box B1

Backup power module for Huawei M1 series three-phase inverters.
The Backup Box B1 is used in rooftop PV systems to control the grid and island operation status of Huawei M1 series three-phase inverter.
In the event of a grid failure (power outage), the inverter switches to the island operation state and supplies power to loads not connected to the grid in backup power mode.
When the grid failure is cleared, the inverter switches back to the grid-connected state. The Backup Box B1 supports the following grid systems: TN-S / TN-C-S / TT.
When installing the Backup Box B1 outdoors, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.
It is recommended to install it in a sheltered place or install a cover on it. An SPD surge protector must be installed in the circuit of the Backup Box B1 on the power grid side.

Basic features:

    Backup power module for Huawei M1 series three-phase inverters
    Separate single-phase circuit, maximum power 3.3kVA , IP 65, weight 11.00 kg.
    Compatible with Huawei inverters model M0 and M1
    Reliable 1-phase backup power supply
    Automatic detection of mains power failure and switching to battery LUNA2000
    Maximum apparent power 3.3kVA

Technical data:

AC output - LV network:

     3-phase installation
     Rated voltage -380VAC/400VAC
     Rated frequency - 50Hz/60Hz
     AC voltage range - 342VAC-440VAC

AC output - BACKUP:

     Installation - 1-phase
     Rated voltage - 220VAC/230VAC
     Rated frequency - 50Hz/60Hz
     Maximum power - 3.3kVA
     Maximum current - 15.2A
     Switching time <3s</span>

AC input - inverter:

     Rated voltage - 380VAC/400VAC
     Rated frequency - 50Hz/60Hz
     Compatible inverters - SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1
     Operating temperature range -20°C to +45°C
     Relative humidity 0-100%
     Dimensions 400x350x130 mm
     Weight - 11.00 kg
     Tightness - IP65

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