• HOYMILES Hybrid Inverter HYT-5.0HV-EUG1 (3-phase).

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The HYT-HV series are high-performance, three-phase hybrid inverters with the highest reliability in power classes from 5 to 12 kW. The intelligent EMS function supports self-consumption mode, economy mode and emergency mode in multi-scenario applications. Monitoring management via the S-Miles Cloud allows users to remotely diagnose and track the performance of individual systems over time, offering the highest quality of energy production.

Max efficiency: 97.6%; European standards efficiency: 97.0%
Dual maximum power point tracking (MPPT) circuit, up to 14 A of MPPT current
DC/AC ratio of up to 150%
Built-in volt-free contact, monitors ground fault alarm and provides load control or generator control
Ultralight design for easy installation and space saving  
Supports direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) coupled systems  
Remote monitoring via S-Miles Cloud service
EMS system integrated with self-consumption mode, economy mode and emergency mode, offering multi-scenario solutions for daily life applications.

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