• GROWATT hybrid inverter MID-15KTL3-XH 3-phase (AFCI)

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GROWATT MID 15KTL3-XH inverter:

Key features:

Versatile compatibility:
 Seamlessly combine with the APX energy storage system, supporting a maximum capacity of 60 kWh, to meet changing energy requirements.

Cost-effective investment: 
The MID series stands out for its cost-effective approach to energy management. By enabling a low initial investment, it opens the door to sustainable energy solutions without high initial costs.

Future-proof design: 
Equipped with two battery interfaces, this inverter is designed to grow with your needs. Easily expand your storage system in the future without the need for additional equipment and upgrade costs. This feature ensures that your energy system stays up to date with the latest technological developments and performance requirements.

Sustainability and efficiency: 

 By enabling the transition to renewable energy sources, the MID inverter contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape. It prioritises energy efficiency in its design to ensure maximum utilisation of investment.



  • Future-proof Battery Readiness
  • Touch button and OLED display
  • Max. efficiency 98.6%
  • Dual MPPT
  • DC/AC up to 2.0
  • Type II SPD on AC&DC side
  • Export limitation support
  • Optional AFCI function
  • IP66 protection
  • Growatt comprehensive warranty plan
  • 10-year warranty
  • Back-up function with APX battery and SYN-100 switch
  • Backup power supply function requires a Backup box accessory SYN 100-XH-30
  • MID XH inverter is compatible with APX 5.0 and APX 98034-P2 controller

LVD certification
EMC certification
EN50549 certification
Verification of conformity
User manual