• GROWATT Zestaw hybrydowy: MOD-5000TL3-XH(BP) 3-faz +Bateria APX 10kWh+podstawa+kontroler APX 98020+Smart Meter 3-faz+WiFi-X+Back

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The set includes:
1 X GROWATT MOD-5000TL3-XH(BP) 3-phase hybrid inverter (AFCI)
2 X GROWATT Battery APX 5.0 for MID XH and MOD XH
1 X GROWATT 3-phase Smart Meter
1 X GROWATT Shine WiFi-X
1 X GROWATT SYN 50-XH-30 (backup box for MOD XH)
1 X GROWATT APX controller module 98020-P1 + cable/suitable for MOD XH from 1 to 3 batteries
1 X GROWATT APX 5.0 battery base