• GROWATT Falownik hybrydowy SPH 10000TL3 BH-UP 3-fazowy

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The GROWATT SPH TL3-BH-UP inverter connections are characterised by their affordability and high quality. It is certified for the global market and is often used in pro-consumer installations. Growatt inverters can be purchased together with devices for visualising electricity generation, the so-called Shining Vision. This is an extremely convenient solution when the inverter is located somewhere in a backroom or technical room, and the display itself can be set up in the living room and energy production can be conveniently observed. Three-phase hybrid inverter designed for residential and small industrial applications. Available powers: 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 7kW, 8kW, 10kW. A properly designed hybrid system, including SPH inverters, battery pack and other accessories, can maximise the self-sufficiency of a solar system and reduce electricity bills.


  • UPS function, 10 ms switching
  • Compact design for easier installation
  • 3-phase output 100% phase asymmetry
  • Asymmetric phase power flow management
  • LCD display with four buttons
  • Natural cooling without fans
  • Adjustable charging and discharging times
  • Intelligent online service
  • Battery management system for safe operation
  • Battery charge status monitoring
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Comprehensive Growatt warranty plan
  • 10-year warranty

DIN VDE certification
User manual